The ins and outs about the Yourney

Yourney provides a method and a framework to effectively navigate yourself trough life by just being yourself.

The method is a proven framework that allows for flexibility that for everyone to experience their own Yourney on their terms, values, beliefs and comfort.

This method caters for the intellect trough insight and the senses through embodiment. Which means that it can be tailored-made for each individual and get the best results.

You will learn that it all starts with you. Something that Ian learnt is that “the world is well because I am well.”

And further learnt how to effectively participate in life basically on your own terms…

The great privilege is then to be able to share it with one another in a loving way.

Sometimes the answer is not in healing and viewing yourself as broken. It is setting intentions and will. Gain the necessary skills and insight and start embracing courage on your Yourney to joy. Nothing more, Nothing less.

You may possess all the needed parts, but that doesn’t mean that you have gained or got ‘the whole’. The whole is an art. It is an art that requires great willingness, intuition and desire to better oneself. (Adapted from the words of Baba Dez Nichols)

So, what does all of this mean for you?

You will be taken on a Yourney to find the no judgement responsive part of you, who has a fix-it mentality that is conscious and action-driven. Then you are going to ad how to say consciously yes or no and have the ability to negotiate and express yourself in a natural and joyful way.

With that said … you will then get introduced to your greatest gift. Your own sexual energy! It provides the foundation for all other energy types. From physical energy to survive, to higher mental energy (spiritual). You will learn how to circulate all these energies freely trough you, life and others.

Negative energy is and will always be present. It is a powerful energy that needs to be transformed into useful uplifting energy to support our desires and dreams, not sabotaging them. A useful skill to have indeed.

Now that everything is moving with the right intent. Let’s see how we can share this with others on all levels and how to communicate all of these and recognize if others have ill and hidden intent towards us. This is a needed skill and tool on our Yourney.

We are now on the high-ground off the Yourney. We know now how to function effectively with our own energies, apply it to our lives and being able to share on our terms.

Our next step is to be able to constantly recalibrate ourselves with a 16 point check, in a fun and self-loving way.

Welcome to this exciting and important point in your life. You are now ready to embark on your Yourney, having all the parts and know-how to apply them. Let’s fit them into a whole with a bit of Magick. You will now have your own treasure map and recipe to integrate the whole to make sure your Yourney from now on is one of courage resulting in joy.

Let us show you how …

Love, Gratitude, Magick,

The FreeMe team.

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