S.W.A.T. Sales Program (3 Hour High Impact Short Course)

“Directing Human Factor”

Definition of Directing :

A basic management function that includes building an effective work climate and creating an opportunity for motivation, supervising, scheduling, and disciplining.

Definition of the Human factor:

Human Factor is the study of how humans behave physically and psychologically in relation to particular environments, products, or services.

Why would you want to “Direct Human Factor” in Sales?

Opportunity to get reversals and appointments is a scarce resource. You or the company can’t afford, shooting in the dark and hoping … That is why trained sales experts are so important and needed.B y adding S.W.A.T Sales program to their repertoire. You minimize the risk of losing clients and sales during the marketing process and making maximum use of the opportunity to market and sell your products and services.

SWAT Sales are all about exploring “Directing Human Factor “ from a military perspective to get insight on how it looks and feel when there’s no Directing the human factor and it is spiraling out of control. The understanding of the above will enable you to recognize the signs and how to turn it around in either you or the client.“ Directing Human Factor “ towards a positive outcome and sale. Retaining happy sustainable customers.

What is the SWAT Sales “ Directing Human Factor “ about? It is an intense 3-hour interaction covering the following:

1. The concept of Fear and its effects.
2. Gaining understanding about concepts of personal strategy and a broad sales
3. Strategic Game Plan and understanding and countering the “ catastrophe operation “
4. An effective concept in Directing Human Factor.

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