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The Craft of Polymath Concepts

“The key to a conscious, joyous and meaningful life“

I invite you to acquire and experience what was not taught or shared in our culture which is crucial for integrated living and success. Polymath Concepts are that key. The following subjects are covered in the concept and can be experienced through one on one bodywork, a talk session or what you are comfortable with.

Subjects Covered:
1. How to respond to people and life.
2. Making your Yes and No count and the importance of negotiation.
3. Embracing and directing your creative energy for conscious performance.
4. Getting rid of and transform negative energies and mental states.
5. Setting up off a conscious field to live to connect and communicate with people and life.
6. Recalibrate your total being on all levels anywhere anytime.
7. Consciously create your world in joy and with meaning.

The above subjects can be experienced and the craft acquired on the following platform. 
1. Polymath Concepts embodiment work.
2. Guided discovery talk. (NLP)
3. Interactive exploration. (Kinesiology)
4. Concept sharing. (Polymath Concepts)
5. Unconventional approach. (Special Forces style)

To work out a tailor-made program for you or to get more information on acquiring the craft of Polymath Concepts contact Ian for a free telephonic talk to see if this is for you.

Feel free to Whatsapp Ian on 082 449 5431 to make this a reality …

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