Let me tell you a story:

The Heroine and The Confidant…

One day there was a Heroine who had a trusted Confidant.

The Heroine expressed herself as a life explorer, she was an excellent trader and was a great investor in her own life and in the life of others.

The Heroine was always doing good and sharing her life. She used the Confidant to chat with and share her ideas. The Confidant was a great listener and always offered authentic encouragement. It made the world’s difference for the Heroine because that reaffirmed that she was on the right path.

The Confidant was always loyal in the background with empathy and support when needed. He was a great warrior and healer himself. He was able to be the ultimate Confidant for her.

The Heroine learned early on that not everyone was worth trusting and that not everyone can handle the responsibilities and had the capacity to be her Confidant.

The Confidant always had her best interest at heart no matter what. The Heroine insisted to always make deliberate decisions and kept on doing the good work. She was a successful Goddess who lived a meaningful life with her loved ones and encouraged others to do the same through her actions and examples.

She always conquered with love.

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