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Amorous was founded in 2008 and is a full-service platform for everybody’s amorous needs and desires. This includes the desire to heal sensual wounding and continue to grow. Each operator is a seasoned polymath with skills ranging from Specialised Kinesiology, Sensual massage, Reiki, Sacred Sexual Healing, Tantra Study’s, Bodywork rituals, Professional Cuddling, ART (Audio Reiki Talk) as well as movement and dance.

We are all devotees of love! With great respect for ourselves, our clients, and for living in a healthy mental environment. 

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Amorous Sex Magick Series

This is the ultimate Series to radically change your life. You will be taken on a self-discovery journey, evolving into personal growth and manifesting the life you want. Al by having the courage to start on the magic of joy and self-mastery and ultimately to practice SPIRIT Sex Magick to invite the Magick and Miracles into your life.

Option 1:  7 Sessions of 90 min with full bodywork — total cost R10 500.

Option 2: Amorous Sex Magick Online — total cost R 9 900. 

Option 3: International Amorous Online sessions — $697.

Note: SPIRIT is a Polymath sexuality Series, integrating the concept of sacred sexuality (Tantra), Power vs Force, Dr. David. R Hawkens). The Kybalion (by three initiates), Touch for Health Kinesiology, life experience, and Special Forces Mentality to make a “how-to” Series that can serve you forever!

The key to the Series is the bodywork involved that will bring deep insight and metaphors to effectively apply and integrate the course into yourself and your daily life.

Please contact me on any platform to get full insight on this series and how it can serve you …

Payment options are available. 

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Amorous well-being massage:

The amorous well-being massage focuses on life force energy well-being, encourages you to get to know yourself and heal any blockages that are preventing you to function fully and joyously.


60 min Amorous well-being massage — R990
90 min Amorous well-being massage —  R1 490

Taoist sensual massage:

Are you looking for an Amorous experience where you will experience healing, explore the flow and feeling of sensual energy through your whole body? Then this massage is for you. It can be individual or with your partner. Special packages are available. 

60 min Taoist massage  — R1 197

90 min Taoist massage  — R1 797

90 min Couples massage — R3 597

Eight Creational meridians sensual and sexual energy reset:

This massage artfully makes use of the 8 creation meridian and acupressure points to reset and evoke sexual energy in its purest form.

60 min Eight Creational meridians sensual and sexual energy reset — R1 197 

Professional cuddle and Audio Reiki Talk:

You have the opportunity to cuddle with an Amorous Practioner, where you can utilize that time to talk about anything in your life.

The Amorous practitioner will hold the space for you while cuddling, doing active listening, and reiki for you. You will feel amazing.

60 min Professional cuddle and Audio Reiki Talk —  R1 197

90 min Professional cuddle and Audio Reiki Talk  — R1 797

Connection ritual through touch and movement:

Learn to connect with yourself through touch (energy work) and movement.  The touch or movement is either for releasing negative energy or through arousal. Connecting with yourself or your partner for a high vibrational experience.

90 min Connection ritual through touch and movement — R1 797

Metaphor in motion bodywork:

You will be invited to engage and participate in the requested proposed bodywork. 

You will analyze your experiences and emotions in real-time with your Practitioner.  Then it will be pulled through to your daily life and responses through “metaphor”  to recognize patterns and do work around them. A very deep realization awaits you.

Note: Amorous Body Work is very sacred and is taken very seriously by the Practitioners.

90 min Metaphor in motion bodywork (MIM) — R1 797          


Amorous Well-being massage course:

This is a 3-hour high-impact course where you will learn how to sensually massage and arouse your partner on all levels. Physically, emotionally and energetically.

3 hours of practical learning — R 3 997

Self and another total connection course:

Learn how to connect to yourself and others on all levels embracing. 

Sensuality and feeling.

2 hours of Self and another total connection course — R 2 397

Contact Information:

For more information about our services and course, feel free to contact me on WhatsApp or via Email. We can discuss tailor-made personal sessions, packages, and more in-depth information on what we have to offer.