What makes Ian the Ultimate Confidant?

Ian started his military career as an officer in 32 Battalion. He then joined the South-African Special Forces as an Operator (Recce) in 1993. After a serious accident, he left the South-African Special Forces and gave lectures in Battle Handling and Planning to Senior Officers in the South-African Medical Health Service.

Ian retired from the military as a Lieutenant Colonel to finish his studies in Neuro-linguistic programming and became a Master Practitioner. He also started practicing  ‘Clean Language‘ and Specialized Kinesiology (touch for health). Ian is also trained in Temple arts (ISTA). He loves and practices the above on a daily basis. He compliments his work with massages. Ian is an able massage practitioner and also developed Kamya massage.

Ian presents Combat workshops with Edged Weapons and Firearms for personal growth and self-defense.

Ian also does one-on-one Sensual Massage Workshops.

Currently, Ian integrated all of his knowledge and skills to be the Ultimate Confidant for You.

The Confidant will hold space and share with you in confidentiality. He will share his operational experience and mentality with you. By making use of high-level planning skills and problem-solving of note.

Ian will be there for You! In tough times and celebrating victories. Sharing and always growing.

Passions that The Confidant practices, share and live:

Temple Arts
Clean Language
Weapon and Edge Weapon Arts


1. The art of connecting with people and things.
2. Ian does talks and specialized corporate workshops.
3. Creating a lasting relationship by creating a field.
4. Making your goals a reality with the use of ritual ‘Daka Style’
5. Sensual Massage course for women.
6. Goal setting through proper planning and preparation ‘Military Style’
7. Introduction to edge weapons.
8. Weapon application personalized course.

Book a Gathering:

Come share in my space: Centurion or Rivonia  500,00
Let’s share in your space 750,00
Coffee shop exchange 750,00
Whatsapp exchange 500,00
Distant exchange 500,00